In the past Button has been involved in a great many projects ranging between commercial, film, private party, architectural design, club design, live music production, fashion shows, sporting events, product launches, art gallery lighting, domestic lighting design, video installation, music promos, tv dramas, theatre, world scale sonne et luminaires, films, won world class awards for lighting design amongst other things. Here is an incomplete and in no particular order list of completed projects.:

job roles below include:,

Lighting Cameraman, Lighting Director, Lighting Designer, Video Designer, Laser show Designer, Programmer, Projectionist.Drama Channel commercial (projectionist)

  • Texas promo (LC)
  • Dead End Film A RCC short film (LC)
  • Texas Promo tour (LD)
  • Baby, John.   A Dan George short film (LC)
  • Islamic relief commercial (video designer)
  • Chivas Regal comercial (programmer)
  • BT commercial space series (video designer)
  • HP omen challenge live 2016 (LD)
  • Drama Channel commercial (projectionist)
  • Lexus commercial with Will I Am  (LD)
  • ‘Tornado’ drone racing. (Lighting Designer)
  • Biffy Cyro Samsung hypercube (Lighting specialist)
  • Super Furry Animals FUZZY LOGIC tour (LD)
  • Super Furry Animals RADIATOR tour (LD)
  • ‘One more time with feeling’, A Nick Cave film (LD)
  • ‘the horrors’ promo video (DOP)
  • ‘Transformers’  A Michael Bay film ( Lighting programmer)
  • TEXAS live band Arena tour, 2015-2016 (LD)
  • WAR MACHINE film, 2016 (programmer)
  • HP omen challenge 2015 (LD)
  • 2015 KNIGHT OF ILLUMINATION nominated for best lighting design for a live event
  • ‘Kingsmen’ (Lighting Programmer)
  • 2014 KNIGHT OF ILLUMINATION winner of best lighting design for a live event
  • SUPERDRUG live show branding 2007  (LD)
  • STRICTLY COME DANCING tv show blackpool special 2015 & 2014
  • THE HORRORS live band tour 2012- 2015 (LD)
  • CRIMINAL film 2015 (programmer)
  • YONDERLAND tv show 2014 (programmer)
  • CASTROL BLACKOUT commercial 2014 (LD)
  • PRIMAL SCREAM live band world tour 2009-2013 (LD)
  • MADONNA live band world tour 2012 (programmer)
  • THE CURE live band world tour 2012 (LD)
  • GUNS AND ROSES live band world tour 2007 (LD)
  • CITROEN DUSTER commercial2014  (vd)
  • HALIKANAS THE CLUB architectural club design (LD)
  • THE CHEMICAL BROTHERS live band world tour 2004- 2013 (LSD/ programmer)
  • SUPER FURRY ANIMALS live band world tour 2006- 2016 (LD)
  • DELOITTE corporate branding live show 2002-2008 (LD)
  • MORGAN STANLEY corporate branding (LD)
  • RHIANNA live band tour 2008 (LD)
  • JAY Z live band tour 2008 (LD)
  • MULLER RICE commercial 2013 (LD)
  • SAINSBURYS commercial 2013 (LD)
  • BASSMENT JAXX live band tour 2010 (LSD)
  • AUDI commercial (LD)
  • HOTCHIP live band tour 2012-2013 (LD)
  • COLONAL GADAFFI 30th anniversary of coming into power sonne et luminaire 1999  (LSD)
  • KING AL FIAHAD 40th anniversary of coming into power sonne et luminaire 2000 (LD)
  • ALL AFRICAN GAMES ABUJA opening and closing ceremony 2003 (LD)
  • HONG KONG FESTIVAL OF LIGHT sonne et luminaire 2003



wooden wild dog, lighting art

cruise terminal 2, memorial art for the 100 years since the world war
cruise terminal 2, memorial art for the 100 years since the world war

horrors brixton HK Newspaper 5

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